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KANATKA.IN.UA – is a team of young sportsmen and engineers who can't imagine their life without water sports and wakeboarding in particular. We love extreme, sport and bright emotions. The production of cable ways is more than just a business for us! We’ve been riding for a long time and know what exactly riders need to show their best results and get pleasure of riding. From our own experience we also know a lot about how a wake park should work to meet the needs of its guests. Our projects are successfully operating since 2013, each year increasing the number of clients and developing their infrastructure.
Our aim is to make our favorite sport wakeboarding more popular and more open for the people of all ages in Ukraine.

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Reversible Cableway of our production is a kind of nonstationary sport equipment. The system itself is based on two supportive towers located on two opposite sides or banks of the water pool on a distance of 100-200 from each other. The towers are fixed with iron ropes connected with each other by the main supporting cable. The carrier moves along the cable pulling the halyard. The carrier is turned into the operation by the force of the electric engine, fixed on one of the supporting towers. The cableway's operation is managed by a computer program which helps to choose the most appropriative speed of moving as well as a riding distance.

The Main Scheme of a Reversible Cableway

The Main Sheme of a Reversible Cableway
  1. 1.Reliance
  2. 2.Waters
  3. 3.Cable
  4. 4.Sliding table
  5. 5.Fal
  6. 6.Ryder
  7. 7.Remote Control
  8. 8.Tensioning system
  9. 9.Mooring lines
  10. 10.Screw piles


Projects in Ukraine